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ECU Remapping gains calculator

Based in Suffolk, Optimal Automotive specialises in car remapping in the East Anglia region.


Use the remap calculator below to see the expected gains for your vehicle with ECU remapping.

ECU Remapping

Discover the ultimate performance and efficiency upgrade for your car or van, with our cutting-edge ECU remaps. Designed exclusively for your vehicle, our custom-developed solutions ensure a safe and optimised driving experience.

Experience a remarkable boost in power and torque, leading to exhilarating acceleration and unmatched performance. Say goodbye to sluggish throttle response as our remaps deliver a sharper, more responsive driving sensation. Plus, enjoy significant improvements in fuel economy, allowing you to go further for less.

We stand behind the quality of our software with a lifetime guarantee. And if for any reason you change your mind within the first seven days, you can have a full refund and we will return your car back to its original mapping.

Unlock the true potential of your vehicle today with our ECU remaps. Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the unrivaled benefits of our tailored solutions. Don't settle for ordinary driving when you can elevate your performance and efficiency to extraordinary levels.

ECU remapping in bench mode

Typical improvements from a stage 1 remap

Typical Stage 1 ECU remapping gains. Haverhill. Sturmer. Cambridge. Newmarket

A stage 1 remap is hands-down the most affordable way to transform the performance of your vehicle. There is no other tuning technique at this price point that delivers the same gains.

Why choose us for your ECU remapping?

Proven performance gains

Our in-house dyno-proven ECU and TCU maps are developed by the best file writers in the business.

A first-class experience

We provide exceptional customer service, including our ability to explain everything in easy to understand non-technical speak.

Quality assured

Our software guarantee, valid for the duration of your ownership, ensures the quality of your remap is consistent at all times.  If anything is wrong with our code, we will re-apply it or return your vehicle to standard free of charge.

Total peace of mind

We are so confident you will love our remaps, we offer a seven day no-quibble money back guarantee. We will return your car to it's previous settings, and refund you in full if you aren't happy.

Our comprehensive Pre-Tuning Health Check

We invest a significant amount of time checking your vehicle is happy and healthy and ready to tune. If there are any issues, we try to fix them there and then or advise your best options. A pre-tuning health check is critical to the success of your remap, and ours is one of the best in the industry!

Custom mapping done on the road

We can fine-tune the base mapping, based on your preferences and the data logging taken during road testing.

GPS timing data from Dragy

We use of state of the art GPS timing equipment, to prove the gains where it matters - real-world driving situations (acceleration from 30-70mph and 50-70mph). 

Extras available for your remap

We offer various customisations at highly competitive prices, including speed limiter removal, emissions systems solutions* (AdBlue, EGR, DPF and swirl flap) and pops-bangs-burbles*. *for off-road use

Looking for performance parts?

We can advise on the best hardware upgrades for your car, and can professionally fit them in the same appointment. 

Is your car in need of some TLC?

We can provide high-quality valeting or detailing  in the same appointment, saving you the time, hassle and disruption of organising this separately. 

ECU remapping products and services

Stage 1 remaps. An image of a cars headlamp. Haverhill. Sturmer. Newmarket. Cambridge.

Stage 1 performance remaps

Adding a stage 1 remap to your vehicle will typically increase bhp and torque by 20-30%! There is nothing else that offers the same "bang for your buck"! Our Stage 1+ solution is available to extract the most from your induction kit and/or cat-back exhaust upgrades.

from £299

Stage 2 performance remaps. Image of a cars exhaust. Haverhill. Sturmer. Newmarket. Cambridge

Stage 2 performance remaps

A stage 2 remap is suitable for vehicles with aftermarket intercoolers, induction/intake systems and full performance exhausts. You can expect further gains over a stage 1 remap, with hardware and software working in harmony. We can provide live on-road datalogging to fine-tune the mapping to get best results.

from £375

Economy Tuning. Image of petrol pump nossles. Haverhill. Sturmer. Newmarket. Cambridge

Economy remaps

You could expect up to 20% improvement in fuel economy if you drive a turbo diesel car, and up to 10% with a petrol. These are meaningful savings every time you fill up, helping to cut your motoring costs and beat high fuel prices.

from £299

Stage 3 ECU remaps. Haverhill. Sturmer. Newmarket. Cambridge

Stage 3 remaps

A stage 3 remap is for vehicles with the addition of a hybrid turbo and/or bigger injectors. Using a chassis dyno at one of our East Anglia dyno centers, we can fine-tune the mapping of your ECU to perfectly suit your modified vehicle. 

Automatic transmission tuning. Haverhill. Sturmer. Newmarket. Cambridge

Automatic transmission tuning

An automatic transmission remap will improve gearbox shift speed, response and smoothness, to give the driver the best possible driving experience and fastest acceleration times.


Available for many marques, our transmission upgrades work independently or perfectly complement our stage 1 and 2 remaps. Save £58 with our ECU+gearbox remap package!

Software update. Optimal Automotive. Haverhill, Suffolk

Sofware update

If you are out of warranty, or use an independant garage for maintenance, your car is likely running an old software version. Applying the latest dealer software update can add a number of new features that improve the driveability of your car.

from £100

from £259

Adblue. Haverhill. Sturmer. Cambridge. Newmarket

AdBlue (SCR) solution

We regularly see AdBlue repair quotes of over £1,000. Our software update is an alternative solution that disables a faulty AdBlue system in as little as one hour, without removing or replacing any parts. You could apply this solution as a precaution, to avoid an expensive future repair bill and save money on AdBlue fill-ups. *Off-road use only

EGR software solution. Haverhill. Sturmer. Cambridge. Newmarket

EGR sofware solution

A typical EGR repair is around £500. If your EGR is dirty, blocked or faulty, we can disable it with a software update. *Off-road use only

from £259

Speed limiter VMAX removal. Suffolk. Norfolk. Essex, Cambridgeshire

Speed limiter VMAX removal

Frustrated with a 60 or 70mph limiter on your van or pickup?

We can remove speed limiters installed by manufacturers, giving you a more versatile vehicle.

from £150

from £349

Swirl flap software solution. Haverhill. Sturmer. Cambridge. Newmarket

Swirl flap software solution.

These intricate mechanisms are prone to failure, and can cause extensive engine damage. Our software update will disable the flaps, avoiding an expensive and time consuming repair.

from £259

Vehicle diagnostic testing by Optimal Automotive, Haverhill, Suffolk

Diagnostic testing

Our main-dealer spec diagnostic tool can help pinpoint problems related to engine managament lights on your dashboard, helping your car run better and pass your MOT test.

from £50

Tuning Packages

Looking for the next step after a stage 1 remap? Our stage 2 tuning packages include the performance parts, professional fitting and ECU remapping.

Tuning Packages. Haverhill. Sturmer. Cambridge. Newmarket

Use the remap calculator below to see the expected gains for your vehicle with ECU remapping.

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