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Please read this information carefully before booking a remap.


Thank you for choosing Optimal Automotive to carry out your engine remap. We are dedicated to bringing you a quality service which you are fully satisfied with.  However, it is your repsonsibility to read and understand the following points.


By booking your remap with us, you are accepting these terms and conditions.



Expected improvements

All power, torque and MPG figures quoted are estimates/expected gains, which are based on our extensive experience and tested at dyno centers. If you dyno your vehicle after our remap without having a dyno before, you accept that without an original figure (baseline), the final outputs cannot be questioned.

The gains that you experience, are largely dependent on the condition of your vehicle at the time of remapping/testing. The quality of fuel you use in your vehicle, can also make a significant difference to gains achieved.


The percentage gains for fuel economy are stated as averages, and can differ from car to car. There are also many external factors that affect MPG figures, such as driving style, grade of fuel, tyre pressure, ambient temperature, altitude etc. Optimal Automotive cannot be held responsible if your vehicle does not meet the expected MPG gains.


Warranties and liabilities

If you are unhappy with your remap, or change your mind for any reason, our Seven Day No Quibble Guarantee (introduced on 3rd January 2024) entitles you to a full refund, if you instruct us to remove the remap and return your vehicle back to factory ECU calibration. The guarantee commences on the day of remapping, and expires on the seventh day. For example, our remap was added on the 1st day of the month, and expires at 11:59 on the 7th day of the month. Any claims beyond the seven days will not be considered. Beyond seven days, the software warranty applies (see subsequent paragraph). This guarantee is not valid if your car is previously remapped, as we may not be able to reapply the other tuners software. This guarantee is not applicable to stage 2 or 3 remaps, as you would also need to reverse the hardware upgrades. This guarantee is not available for emissions solutions. This guarantee does not cover any claims for damage to your vehicle during the seven day period.

The software warranty covers you for software re-installation in the event of a fault in the code, and is valid only during your ownership of the vehicle (is non-transferrable). Optimal Automotive will make the final decision if the code is faulty, and we do not accept third party opinions. If our remap is inadvertantly wiped by a software update applied by a garage or dealership, we can reapply the remap at a flat rate of £100. Where a software update has applied an OBD lock or tuning lock to the ECU, Optimal Automotive are not responsible for removing this lock. Additional costs to remove the lock will apply, and will be charged per hour with a minimum charge of £50.

Remapping sometimes emphasises underlying issues already present in a vehicle's engine or transmission. For example, whilst a vehicle may not have any known problems or show any faults on the dashboard or during our Pre-Tuning Health Check, it may have a component approaching the end of its serviceable life. This will not be outwardly evident to the customer or to Optimal Automotive. Applying a remap may cause a component to fail sooner than it would have done anyway. There will be no refunds or liabilities due for any such problems after a remap.

We take every precaution to minimise risk, but in the extremely unlikely event of an ECU failure during the remapping process caused by an external factor outside of our contol, Optimal Automotive cannot be held responsible or liable for any costs. For example, an unexpected power outage/surge.

If we need to remove any components to gain access to your OBD port or ECU/module, we will take the appropriate level of care, but Optimal Automotive is not liable for any damage that inadvertently occurs. As the vehicle owner, you are responsible for the underlying condition of your vehicle. An example would be removing a plastic scuttle panel at the base of your vehicles windscreen, which are commonly poorly refitted or previously damaged during windscreen replacement.

If your vehicle has a warranty, you are responsible for checking if a remap will invalidate all/part of your warranty. Optimal Automotive accept no liabability for a voided warranty after we have installed a remap, or any parts you request us to fit to your vehicle.

Where you supply parts and have instructed us to install them on your vehicle, Optimal Automotive are not repsonsible for the quality/fitment of the parts. If part fitment is substandard or a part itself is defective, and extra time beyond the estimate is incurred, you will be charged at our advised hourly rate. All estimates for fitting time are approximate, and any difficulties removing existing parts or fitting new parts will results in extra charges at our advised hourly rate. If we find damaged parts during our installation which need replacing or fixing to complete the job, you will be charged for the parts and the labour for fitting.

Existing condition of your vehicle

As the current owner of the vehicle, you know, to the best of your knowledge, that there are no pre-existing faults/mechanical issues with the engine or vehicle that may hinder or affect the remapping process or its subsequent reliability. We carry out a Pre-Tuning Health Check (test drive, visual inspection, full diagnostic scanning and datalogging where supported by your ECU) before commencing work, but this doesn’t always show every fault in the vehicle. It is your responsibility to disclose any such issues prior to commencement of work.

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, Optimal Automotive are not resonsible or liable for any issues related to the gearbox or transmission that may appear after an ECU or TCU remap. It is your responsibility to ensure the transmission has been serviced according to the recommendations of the manufacturer and is in fully working order. Clutch slip in a manual transmission vehicle is possible after a remap if the clutch is approaching the end of its usable life. Optimal Automotive are not responsible for any clutch wear or slip you might experience. We will advise you when an uprated clutch is required.

As the current owner of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to know its past history and whether it has been modified or remapped prior to Optimal Automotive working on it. If you know it has been modified or remapped, then you must make the Optimal Automotive remapping agent aware at the time of booking. In the very unfortunate event that a previous remap causes ECU failure or reveals a hidden fault, Optimal Automotive will not be held responsible.


For the benefit of both parties, we reserve the right to refuse to work on a previously remapped car, and in this situation, the deposit will not be refundable. If we remap your vehicle, and it is apparent during the final test drive or datalogging it was already remapped, the remaining balance will still be due, since we have completed the work you instructed us to. If we have to source original software (known as an ori file) to be able to remap your vehicle due to non-original ECU software, this will be charged extra.

In the unlikely event of a new or undiagnosed problem presenting itself immediately after we have reprogrammed your ECU, we will endeavour to resolve this through software changes, by remaining onsite for a reasonable timeframe. However, if we deem the issue is unrelated to our work, you may be charged for our time and be wholey liable for the costs of any third parties who we hire on your behalf to resolve said issues.

We strongly recommend you test drive the vehicle after the remap. If you are unable to, or choose not to test drive the vehicle with the Optimal Automotive agent present, Optimal Automotive cannot accept any liability for faults or issues found after the agent has left. If you request we return to the vehicle for troubleshooting after the job is completed, you will be charged a £50 call out fee, and a further £50 per hour.

Emissions solutions

If your vehicle has a factory fitted emissions system, you should not modify it in any way as to reduce its effectiveness. As such, our emissions solutions are intended for off-road use only. We advise of this during the sales process, in the invoice and in the vehicle condition report. You accept, at your own responsibility, all potential penalties that may result from driving a vehicle on the road with a modified emissions system(s).

If you bring your vehicle to our premises for an emissions solution, we advise you organise a vehicle recovery truck or trailer to relocate your vehicle afterwards.


A missing or modified DPF, EGR or catalytic converter (where one was fitted when the vehicle was manufactured) can result in an MOT failure. By instructing Optimal Automotive or a third party to remove or modify any of the above, you accept at your own responsibility all potential penalties.

If you instruct us to remap or apply an emissions solution to your vehicle when the engine is not able to be started due to a fault or electronic engine lock, Optimal Automotive cannot be held responsible for any engine management lights that are present once the engine has started running again.

Booking and Payment

Clients must book appointments in advance by speaking with us on the phone.

A 25% deposit is always required to make a booking, and we will specify a deposit due date in order to secure your chosen date. If you do not pay your deposit by the deposit due date, your appointment time will become available to another customer.

Your deposit is non-refundable, irrespective of any change in circumstances you may experience before or on the day of your appointment. If you fail to attend your appointment, or are more than fifteen minutes late for your appointment without notifiying us, your deposit will not be refunded. If we deem your vehicle unfit or unsafe for remapping after our Pre-Tuning Health Check, your deposit will not be refunded.


You can reschedule your remap, but you must provide at least 48 hours written notice.


Any refunds for deposits or purchases made through our website, will have 3% deducted due to merchant fees.


If you financed your remap through PaymentAssist, any refunds issued by us will less their fees.


Any supplier related fees that Optimal Automotive experience, will also be deducted from your deposit.

Final payment is due upon completion and collection/return of your vehicle. We will not release a vehicle with an outstanding balance.

Carbon Cleaning

  • Our engine carbon cleaning service is available as an add-on to a remap, or as a standalone service.

  • Carbon cleaning is an established technology that has been used for many years to internally clean carbon deposits from combustion engines to improve how they run. Optimal Automotive cannot guarantee specific results from our carbon cleaning service, since every vehicle's condition is unique and it is impractical to inspect internal engine components before or after cleaning.

  • We will carbon clean your engine for a minimum of one hour, and a maximum of ninety minutes (at our discretion based on on engine size).

  • We will drive your vehicle after the clean, to finalise the process. The engine will be held at around 3,000rpm for around three minutes, to remove loose carbon deposits. If you would prefer to complete this drive yourself, please instruct us at the time. If we deem your vehicle unsuitable for this test drive or unfit for use on UK highways, we will not undertake it. When it is not possible to complete the post-clean test drive, any fault codes that may appear afterwards are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

  • Our carbon cleaning service includes a full vehicle diagnostic scan, for which you will receive a digital report via email or SMS. Optimal Automotive are not repsonsible for removing or resolving any fault codes found, as carbon cleaning is not a repair service. The diagnostic check is merely for your information, should you wish to address any issues identified with your chosen garage.

  • Our vehicle condition report is a ten point summary of the general condition of your vehicle. Optimal Automotive are not responsible for the roadworthiness of your vehicle, before or after our services.

  • Our carbon cleaning service does not include a warranty, and Optimal Automotive are not repsonsible for any issues post-clean.

Modification of Terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

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