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Car remapping - some of our recent work at Optimal Automotive

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In this blog post we share some recent examples of car remapping we have completed, share the gains we were able to safely unlock, and explain where you can find the expected gains from car remapping for your vehicle.

Car remapping Abarth 595 remap Stevenage

The punchy Abarth 595 is a popular model for car remapping, and many owners start their modification journey with a stage 1 remap.

Abarth 595 remap

The 1.4l petrol turbo engine experiences around 18bhp extra, but a massive 70Nm of additional torque. The vast increase in torque really transforms the driveability of this car, giving big engine characteristics in a lightweight package.

In the owner’s 5* Google review, he said its “like a new car” after our stage 1 remap.

An Abarth 595 with an ECU remap could improve average fuel economy by around 5%.

Car remapping BMW 335d remap Benfleet

BMW 335d remap

A large proportion of our car remapping work is on the BMW 3 series, as no matter if it’s petrol turbo or diesel turbo, the gains in performance and economy provide great value for money.

The 335d is the flagship diesel model in the range, and leaves the factory with great performance. However once we have applied our car remapping expertise, the increases in performance are staggering. Our BMW 335d stage 1 remap provides an extra 70bhp and 180Nm, and an average MPG increase of around 10%.

We also applied our gearbox remap to the ZF 8HP semi-automatic transmission. A TCU recalibration (transmission control unit is the computer that controls the gearbox) maximises the benefit of the ECU remap, by letting all of the torque be transmitted to the wheels as well as reducing shift speed, optimising shift points and reducing kick down lag. We offer a ECU+TCU package with a saving of £79, and more information can be found here

Car remapping Volkswagen Golf GTI Braintree

Volkswagen Golf GTI remap

The Golf GTI and Golf R are great choices for car remapping, and many owners choose a stage 1 remap.

The Golf GTI and the Golf R share a lot of similarities, and we see excellent gains on both models. It’s also possible to achieve better than Golf R levels of performance from a Golf GTI stage 2 remap. At Optimal Automotive, we can advise on the best tuning parts to buy and fit these for you with our garage partners in Haverhill.

After our stage 1 Golf GTI remap, the engine has an extra 63bhp and 100Nm torque, completely changing the driving experience and putting a smile on your face every time you drive it. You can see from the owner’s comment, that the changes we make to midrange torque and high end power, especially in third gear, are phenomenal. He likens it to a shot of nitrous!

Golf GTI car remapping is not just about performance. The average MPG increase will be around 5%.

Car remapping Mercedes CLA Bury St Edmunds

Mercedes CLA remap

The Mercedes CLA and A class diesel engines are quite detuned from the factory, especially the lower power models.

Mercedes CLA car remapping takes driveability to new levels and provides equivalent performance to the higher powered models.

This CLA 200 CDI looks the part, but the performance let it down. We applied our stage 1 remap, and within around two and a half hours the car was able to rival a 220 CDI! We added 36bhp and 80Nm, totally transforming the sluggish low end performance.

With this Mercedes CLA remap, the owner can expect up-to 10% better MPG.

Car remapping Volkswagen Tiguan Maldon

Volkswagen Tiguan remap

This 2.0 TDI Tiguan was booked in for our stage 1 ECU remap and DSG remap. During the Pre-Tuning Health Check, we found a fault with AdBlue system, so the owner decided to purchase our AdBlue software solution to avoid a very expensive and inconvenient future repair bill. You can read more about our thorough Pre-Tuning Health Check here

Once the car remapping was complete, we performed some GPS timing tests using our high-tech equipment. 50-70mph was reduced by 1.86s and 30-70mph reduced by 2.75s! These are incredible improvements that are more relatable than the actual gains of 47bhp and 70Nm. The DSG remap was key to getting some remarkable performance gains, as the standard TCU calibration was very sluggish and non-sporty.

On average, the MPG improvement from car remapping on this 2.0 TDI Volkswagen Tiguan will be around 10%.

Car remapping - how to find your estimated gains

If you visit our ECU remapping page you will find our gains estimator tool right at the top.

In less than thirty seconds, you can get an estimate for your car or van, and optionally make an enquiry about our car remapping services.

We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your requirement in more detail, and answer any questions you may have about ECU remapping.

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