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Tuning packages - how to improve on a stage 1 remap

This blog post introduces some of our Optimal Automotive tuning packages, which are turn-key solutions to increasing the output of your engine to new levels. If you are looking for bigger gains than available in our stage 1 remap, this blog is for you! Our stage 2 tuning packages include the performance parts, fitting and mapping to create an even more exhilarating driving experience.

Tuning packages. A reminder about a stage 1 remap

A stage 1 remap refers to a tuning solution that safely and reliably unlocks maximum power gains from a standard engine. Typically, we see 20-30% gains in power and torque just with a software recalibration of the ECU. Whilst a stage 1 remap is the best bang for buck in the tuning world, many people want greater gains, and this is where a stage 2 remap comes in.

Tuning packages. So what’s a stage 2 remap?

In the car remapping world, stage 2 is where we fit aftermarket performance parts to enable a stronger tuning solution to safely run on the car.

Typically, the parts required for a stage 2 remap would be an uprated panel filter or induction kit, an uprated intercooler and a decat pipe, sports catalyst or DPF delete pipe. These modifications let us run higher boost and more fueling with optimal air:fuel ratios, whilst simultaneously managing intake air temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures. You can expect a minimum of 10% more power and torque than you would get with a stage 1 remap.

Optimal Automotive tuning packages include the supply and fitment of performance parts, and the stage 2 ECU software to match. We thoroughly test and check you have a happy engine that is responding correctly to the tune, and we make adjustments where necessary to get you the best result.

Before we show some examples of our tuning packages, we often get asked the question “do I have to have stage 1 before stage 2”? And the answer is no. As long as you fit the necessary uprated parts, you can jump straight to stage 2.

Tuning packages. Example #1 BMW 114i 116i 118i 120i N13 engine

BMW 116i stage 2 remap

The N13 engine in the BMW 1 series offers staggering gains with our stage 2 tuning packages. The BMW 114i and BMW 116i are highly detuned versions of the N13 engine, and after we have worked our magic, see power gains of around 138% and torque gains of around 83% on the 114i.

These phenomenal improvements completely transform the acceleration of these vehicles, and they sound incredible with the modifications to the intake and catalyst. The turbo spool and recirculating valve noise is so much more prominent in the cabin, which is what a lot of owners are looking for.

At our premises in North Essex, we will fit a decat pipe, an MST Performance induction kit and a MTC Motorsport intercooler. You can optionally add a cat-back performance exhaust system, but this offers minimal extra gains. A back-box delete is a more affordable alternative, if your main interest is in a louder exhaust note. Final figures will be around 240bhp and 330Nm.

BMW dyno remap

If your BMW 1 series has a semi-automatic gearbox, we can remap the transmission control unit to improve shift speeds, reduce kickdown lag and safely raise torque limiters in the gearbox for maximum benefit from the engine remap.

Contact us for the latest pricing.

Tuning packages. Example #2 Audi S3 8v

Audi S3 stage 2 remap

If you don’t have the budget for an Audi RS3, our stage 2 tuning package for the Audi S3 8v will provide more power and torque than its bigger brother! Who wouldn’t want RS3 performance for S3 money?

We have tested extensively on the 8v platform and get great results with a Forge uprated intercooler, a Forge carbon fibre intake system and Scorpion decat downpipe. Scorpion do offer the downpipe with a sports cat. Additional options for this tuning package are extensive, not limited to a Forge turbo blanket, intercooler boost pipe upgrades and a resonator delete.

With these modifications and our mapping, you could expect power in the region of 370bhp and torque in the region of 500Nm, but we’ve seen examples of nearly 400bhp and 520Nm!

Audi dyno remap

It’s common to see the Audi S3 with the DSG gearbox, and we can apply our transmission recalibration to maximise the gains from the ECU remap and improve your enjoyment.

Being such as similar engine to the Golf GTI and Golf R, we can also achieve similar gains with our stage 2 car remapping solutions.

Contact us for the latest pricing.

Tuning packages. Summary

As you can see from these two popular car remapping examples, our stage 2 packages can offer incredible gains. If you don’t own the high performance version of your model, with a fairly modest investment of around £2,000, you could achieve similar or better performance.

Get in touch to have a chat about our turn-key tuning packages to transform the performance of your car.

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