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Transforming driveability: The Top Benefits of Van Remapping in Haverhill

van remapping Haverhill

As a business owner, your commercial vehicle is a critical tool in operating your business. The efficiency and performance of your van is paramount to serving your customers. Van remapping has emerged as a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance the capabilities of their fleets. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of van remapping, highlighting some of the most popular models for remapping and emissions solutions.

The Top Benefits of Van Remapping in Haverhill - Boosted Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Van remapping, commonly known as ECU (Engine Control Unit) remapping, involves the modification of the software that controls your vehicle's engine. By fine tuning the ECU software it is possible to safely unlock hidden potential, providing a significant boost to both power and fuel efficiency. Since many vans utilise the same engine and hardware across all models, if you own the lower power model, vast improvements in driveability can be realised for less than £300.

At Optimal Automotive, we commonly receive remapping requests from Ford Transit owners in the Haverhill area. Our enhancements to the engine management system optimize fuel injection and ignition timing and reduce turbo lag, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. The 6th generation Transit 2.2 TDCI can be safely remapped to 180BHP and 420Nm torque, which could be a 80BHP and 110Nm increase if you own the base model. This not only makes your Transit hugely more responsive, but also much more capable of carrying heavy materials and tools. Our remaps can also help to improve average fuel economy, which will help you to reduce running costs of your fleet.

Similarly, the Volkswagen Transporter, renowned for its quality and durability, can benefit immensely from remapping. We have improved many T5 and T6 vans with our ECU remapping software, either for performance or economy. Our modification of the ECU fine-tunes the engine parameters, leading to a more efficient combustion process seeing average MPG gains of up-to 20%. The result is not only a noticeable increase in power but also a reduction in fuel consumption. With gains of up-to 73BHP and 150Nm, a remapped Transporter is a totally different van to drive. Carrying heavy loads or towing is a breeze with our tailored ECU remaps.

The Top Benefits of Van Remapping in Haverhill - solving AdBlue, EGR and DPF issues

We see many modern Euro 6 vans experiencing numerous issues with emissions systems. From faulty NOx sensors, to AdBlue injector failures, blocked DPF's and sticky EGR valves, it's a common occurance to see problems with emissions systems on modern diesel engines. When your van is such a critical part of your business, an unexpected breakdown is never welcome. With emissions systems parts being expensive and often on long lead times, Haverhill van owners often enquire about our software solutions for AdBlue, DPF and EGR systems. Within a few hours, we can have your van back on the road and earning money for you again.

If you wanted to boost your vans performance with a remap at the same time as applying an emissions solution, we offer very good value packages.

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