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Car remapping Bury St Edmunds

Car enthusiasts in the Bury St Edmunds area looking for more power or fuel economy from their cars, are often drawn to remapping. With power and torque gains typically in the 20-30% range, car remapping in Bury St Edmunds is a phenomenal way to improve the performance of your car or van for a very affordable price.

Here's three examples of car remaps in Bury St Edmunds that Optimal Automotive have professionally delivered.

Car remapping Bury St Edmunds - Mercedes CLA

mercedes CLA remap bury st edmunds

This gorgeous black Mercedes CLA 200d left the factory with a lowly 136bhp, resulting in very sluggish performance. We remap a lot of Mercedes cars in the Bury St Edmunds area, as owners are dissapointed with the lack of acceleration and noticeable turbo lag.

After carefully removing the ECU to remap this car in bench mode, our professional technicians have given it an extra 30bhp and 80Nm, transforming the driving experience from mediocre to exceptional.

Car remapping Bury St Edmunds - Volkswagen Scirocco

volkswagen scirocco remap bury st edmunds

Whilst not lacking in punch, this Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDI has gained a whopping 47bhp and 90Nm thanks to our stage 1 remap. We datalogged the engine before and after remapping, to ensure it had a happy and healthy engine, and everything was responding correctly to the remap.

If you own a Volkswagen turbo diesel and are looking for better driveability and average fuel economy improvements of 10%, why not try our car remaps in Bury St Edmunds.

Car remapping Bury St Edmunds - Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo remap bury st edmunds

Remapping isn't just for hot saloon cars can benefit too! This Ford Mondeo lef the factory with very respectable performance, but the owner was looking for a smoother and more refined driving experience, and desired more effortless acceleration and better fuel economy.

Our experts applied a stage 1 remap, after thoroughly checking every aspect of the vehicle to ensure it was ready to be safely remapped. Within two hours, we had boosted power by 20bhp, torque by 50Nm and fuel economy by up-to 10%. What's not to love about those gains!

Car remapping Bury St Edmunds - why choose Optimal Automotive

If you are looking for a superb quality remap, written specifically for your car, and delivered in a professional manner, Optimal Automotive is the logical choice. Our workshop is based in Haverhill, but we provide mobile remapping to Bury St Edmunds at no extra charge. With a seven day no-quibble money back guarantee, its a no-brainer to try an Optimal Automotive remap for your car.

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