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Please read this information carefully before booking a detailing service.


Thank you for choosing Optimal Automotive to carry out your vehicle detail. We are dedicated to bringing you a quality service which you are fully satisfied with.  However, it is your repsonsibility to read and understand the following points.


By booking your detail with us, you are accepting these terms and conditions.


Services Offered

We offer a range of vehicle detailing services which are published here. We may offer you a bespoke service based upon your needs and requirements. From time to time, we may offer promotions or temporary services that differ from the core services listed on our website.

Additional services such as scratch removal, headlight restoration, and odor elimination may available upon request.


Prices are always shown based on vehicle size, and a ‘start from’ figure. Optimal Automotive will advise you the size category your vehicle relates to, and the price we estimate will depend on the vehicle condition and bodywork complexity. For example, a Tesla Model S is a less complex design with fewer intricate areas, so much quicker to detail than an Audi RS6.

Our price estimates are based on our assessment of your vehicle prior to commencing work. We always advise your vehicle to be freshly washed for the assessment. Once we have washed and decontaminated your vehicle, if we find the condition to be different than the original assessment, we will contact you to agree how we proceed. If your vehicle's condition requires additional time to achieve the desired outcome, we will amend the estimate accordingly. If you wish to continue at the original estimate, we will adjust the outcome accordingly.


All estimates will have an expiry date, and prices may change after an estimate has expired.


We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time, and historic estimates will be revised based on current pricing.

If you instruct us to arrange third party services, such as alloy wheel refurbishment, we will charge an administration fee for doing so.


Booking and Payment

Clients must book appointments in advance by speaking with us on the phone.

A 25% deposit is always required to make a booking, and we will specify a deposit due date in order to secure your chosen date. If you do not pay your deposit by the deposit due date, your appointment time will become available to another customer.

Final payment is due upon completion and collection/return of your vehicle. We will not release a vehicle with an outstanding balance.


Where we offer staged payments (for instance, on a multi-car detail or unusually long service), each staged payment must be paid on time in order for work to continue. Any late payments will postpone continuation of your detail.


We accept bank transfer and cash.

If you financed your detail through PaymentAssist, any refunds issued by us will less their fees. Any supplier related fees that Optimal Automotive experience, will also be deducted from your deposit.


Cancellation Policy

Clients must provide at least 48 hours written notice for cancellations or rescheduling.

Cancellations or rescheduling requests within 48 hours will result in forfeiting of your deposit.



Where we state a correction level, this is an ‘up-to’ estimate and is not a guarantee. Different paint types and paint conditions may limit our ability to achieve the estimated correction levels. We will advise what correction level we expect to achieve on your vehicle, and explain the reasoning for our assessment.

Where possible, we will measure paint depth prior to tackling any deeper scratches or defects. We will assess how much sanding or polishing is safely possible without compromising the integrity of the paint. This may mean it is impossible to remove a defect, and we will advise accordingly.

Where we identify resprayed panels on your vehicle, we may not be able to achieve the expected correction level without taking unecessary risk. The quality of resprays and smart repairs varies hugely, and we will always take a conservative approach when working on these repairs.


Stone chips and deeper scratches cannot be removed by polishing and sanding, and are not included in any of our detailing packages. Any defect(s) that requires paint, will be priced additional to the detail.


Durability of finishes and aftercare

Where we state a durability for a coating or treatment, this is an ‘up-to’ estimate based on the advice of the manufacturer of the product. We apply the product(s) according to the manufacturers instructions, but there is no guarantee you will experience the full durability.


Once the vehicle is returned to you, the cleanliness and durability is your responsibility and will largely depend on how the vehicle is maintained. If you visit the hand car wash or automated car wash, you can expect a severe reduction in durability and rapid return of defects such as scratch and swirl marks.


Optimal Automotive will not accept any liability for dirt or damage to your vehicle after it has left our premises.


In our TikTok shop, you can purchase the products we recommend to maintain your vehicle's condition yourself. If you wish to learn how to correctly maintain your vehicle to minimise future damage and maximise durability, please ask about our 1:1 aftercare sessions.


Paint touch ups and paint repairs

No guarantee is provided on the outcome or durability of a touch up service, scratch improvement service, stone chip improvement or minor respray. These are improvement services designed to minimise the negative visual impact of damage and defects to your vehicle that are not possible to be removed by polishing or sanding.


Optimal Automotive does not mix paint onsite. If we source paint on your behalf, we are not responsible for the colour match.



Optimal Automotive take responsibility for resolving any accidental damage that may occur to your vehicle during the detail. However, we will not be liable for any damage or defects as a result of non-factory original paint or fittings on the vehicle. Any defective or damaged parts on your vehicle are excluded from our liability.


Optimal Automotive will organise such repairs with our trusted third party repair partners. We do not offer refunds or pay for the customer to organise their own repair. The quality of such repair will be warrantied by the repair party.

We suggest removing all personal possessions from your vehicle prior to drop off. Any personal possessions left in your vehicle are your responsibility throughout the detail.


Child seats should be removed and refitted by the owner. We do not clean child seats. If child seats are left in the vehicle, we will clean around them.


Modification of Terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

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