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AdBlue delete Haverhill - avoid expensive and inconvenient repairs

AdBlue delete Haverhill

At Optimal Automotive, our specialist technicians are able to apply our AdBlue software solution as an alternative to a traditional repair. Intended for off-road use, our AdBlue delete in Haverhill can be applied within a few hours, to remove AdBlue warnings and fault codes and disable the operation of the vehicle's AdBlue system to prevent future faults.

In this blog post we will explore how AdBlue systems work, share some stories of vehicles suffering with AdBlue faults, and explain the benefits of our Haverhill AdBlue delete solution.

AdBlue delete Haverhill - What is an SCR system and how does AdBlue work

Many modern diesel engines use Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) systems to help reduce tailpipe emissions for the benefit of the environment. AdBlue liquid is stored in a dedicated tank and topped up every 1,000 miles or so. The urea-based solution is injected into the exhaust system to turn NOx into harmless nitrogen and water vapour.

A 10 litre bottle of AdBlue in Haverhill is around £20, so it can soon become costly to keep the system topped up. With the price of diesel at the pump already at record highs, running an AdBlue equipped vehicle in the Haverhill area can be expensive.

Your vehicle's SCR system usually comprises of a tank and pump unit, a level sensor, AdBlue injectors and pressure sensors. It's a sophistaced system, and unfortunately it is known to be very unreliable. This is why our Haverhill AdBlue delete solution is popular with local car owners.

AdBlue delete Haverhill - What are the downsides to AdBlue

The biggest downside to AdBlue is the reliability of the SCR system. We see many vehicles that are three to five years old suffering from AdBlue faults, that can cause the vehicle to be inoperable. If the problem is severe, you will see a warning message counting down the miles until the vehicle cannot be started again. Often the counter does not reduce in real-time, so we advise you contact us immediately after the countdown message appears, to discuss if our Haverhill AdBlue delete is the best solution for you.

The first sign you know something is wrong is usually a warning message on the dashboard. Your vehicle might ask you to top up the AdBlue tank, but after doing this, the fault still persists.

The second downside is the cost of replacing faulty AdBlue parts. It's quite typical to see a main dealer repair bill of £1,000 to £2,000 per fault. We also see the same vehicle suffer numerous AdBlue faults at different times during your ownership, and you could be faced with paying the same amount more than once to get your car back on the roads of Haverhill.

The third downside is the availabiliity of AdBlue parts. Because so many vehicles experience AdBlue failures, supply cannot meet demand and some parts are on back order for weeks or months. Often only genuine parts can be used, and this compounds the problem. Part availability is hugely inconvenient for today's busy lifestyle.

The final downside is the complexity of the systems and lack of understanding how to fix AdBlue faults. We have seen vehicles that fail to start due to an AdBlue fault be towed to the main dealer, who replace the faulty parts but still cannot get the engine to start and the warning messages to dissapear. When the main dealer struggles with their own vehicles, you know it's time to call the experts for an AdBlue delete in Haverhill. We have proven we can restart a vehicle that has run down to zero miles, and can usually do this in a few hours.

AdBlue delete Haverhill - Which vehicles experience AdBlue failures

No vehicle manufacturers are immune from AdBlue failures, but Peugeot, Citreon and Mercedes seem to be the most common. We see most problems with both vans and cars.

It's highly likely that if your diesel engined car or van is less than five years old, you will experience an AdBlue fault in that timeframe. Luckily Optimal Automotive has a quick and cost effective solution that can get your vehicle back on the road.

AdBlue delete Haverhill - What is our solution

If you choose our AdBlue delete, we make a software modification to your vehicle's computer systems to remove the AdBlue fault codes and disable the AdBlue system. Once this is complete, you no longer need to top up with AdBlue, and you can be 100% confident you will experience no future AdBlue faults.

AdBlue delete Haverhill - Considerations

Our Haverhill AdBlue delete solution is not suited for everyone. It's important you understand that modifications to any emissions system fitted at the factory is not legal on UK roads, and you could be liable for fines and prosecutions. For this reason, our AdBlue delete is designed for off-road use only.

AdBlue delete Haverhill - Summary

Proven on numerous vehicles, our Haverhill AdBlue delete software solution is an alternative to a costly and slow traditional repair. If you decide that an AdBlue delete is appropriate for your vehicle, please get in touch via our website by clicking the button below.

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