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Car detailing - some of our recent work at Optimal Automotive

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In this blog post we share some recent examples of car detailing in Haverhill, and explain some of the benefits of investing in car detailing services for your vehicle.

Car detailing Haverhill Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX

car detailing haverhill

The owner of this iconic Japanese performance saloon, is an existing customer who invested in a Ford Ranger ECU remap, which is his main vehicle. This Evo is his fair weather car that is garaged and cherished.

The brief was to improve the appearance of ugly scratches and swirl marks, and apply a long-lasting ceramic coating to the paintwork.

Although delivered to me in very clean condition, it was clear there was plenty of opportunity to deep-clean the car further in the preparation stage for machine polishing. Obvious areas were around badges and emblems, where the owner didn’t have the tools or knowledge to deal with hard water damage.

Once the Mitsubishi Evo was deep-cleaned, we performed a chemical decontamination to remove embedded metal particulates and tar and bug splatter, then clay barred the vehicle to lift off any stubborn contamination. After drying with plush towels and an air dryer, the vehicle was moved into our garage to commence the machine polishing stage of the car detailing.

An important part of this Haverhill car detailing project, was to machine polish the paintwork to tackle the imperfections in the black paint. The owner purchased a single-stage machine polish, and after testing, we decided on a medium grade polish with a medium foam pad. This gave great defect removal and left a superb finish that did not need further refining. We were able to remove the majority of the swirl marks, with only random deeper scratches left. These would need a second polishing stage to remove.

Once we de-greased the car to remove any residual polishing oils, we applied a CarPro ceramic coating with two years durability. This was topped with the CarPro Reload sealant, which adds even further gloss and acts as a sacrificial layer on top of the ceramic coating.

The final results from this car detailing project were outstanding, and the owner left a 5* review on Google and sent me a WhatsApp message to say "the car looks brilliant and has never had that sort of shine before".

If your car has scratches, swirls marks or dull paintwork, get in touch to ask about our car detailing services.

Car detailing Linton Chevrolet Corvette

Car detailing Linton

This classic left hand drive American muscle car, was booked for car detailing before the owner went on a road trip to Europe in it. Being over thirty years old, the fibreglass bodywork needed some TLC to restore it back to a glorious standard.

The car detailing we performed on this vehicle was a single-stage machine polish, with a carnuba wax applied by hand to enhance the gloss and protect the paint. Prior to correcting the paintwork to remove swirl marks, remove light scratches and oxidation, we completed a deep-clean, chemical decontamination and carefully lifted any remaining contaminants with a clay bar.

The owner wanted to replace the non-original rear badge, so purchased our debadge service, where we carefully removed the badge using a combination of heat, solvents and dental floss.

We also provided some interior detailing; vacuuming, steaming, and cleaning the plastics and leather seats to revive the interior.

If you have a classic car detailing requirement, we'd love to hear from you.

Car detailing Haverhill Volkswagen ID3

This Volkswagen ID3 new car detail was completed when the vehicle had only a few hundred miles on the clock.

New car detailing Haverhill

For this type of car detailing, it's best to protect the paint with a ceramic coating as soon as possible. The ceramic coating locks in the factory finish, and ensures the car looks its best at all times.

On inspection, it was clear this ”new” Volkswagen ID3 had already been valeted more than once by the dealership. There were minor swirl marks already in the paint, and the owner wanted to improve this as much as possible before applying the ceramic coating.

We machine polished the paintwork to remove swirl marks and remove light scratches, which made a great improvement. The customer chose a ceramic coating with a two-year durability, which we carefully applied and buffed to a beautiful glossy finish.

Unsurprisingly, the owner left a 5* review on Google saying we did a "great job and the car looks better than when it left the showroom".

If you are purchasing a brand new car, and want to enhance and protect the factory finish, we'd love to discuss our new car detailing services with you.

Car detailing Steeple Bumpstead Tesla Model 3

This Tesla Model 3 belongs to a regular customer, and we provide car detailing on a three monthly basis.

Tesla car detailing

At the start of the spring, we suggested the vehicle undergo a more thorough car detail, to remove winter contamination.

The car detailing work completed was the usual deep-clean, chemical decontamination and removal of any remaining contaminants with a clay bar. The vehicle was dried with plush towels and an air dryer, before being moved inside for the polishing stage.

A light machine polish helped to remove swirl marks, remove light scratches and remove a layer of oxidation that had formed over time. We protect the paintwork with a ceramic sealant, giving an amazing gloss and water beading that will last until the next visit.

If you are looking for a professional company that is fully insured to maintain your vehicle on a regular basis, please get in touch about our affordable car detailing packages.

The benefits of car detailing

Car detailing is an investment in the value of your vehicle. As well as looking amazing, it will also provide a durable finish that helps protect from wash related damage and will repel water and dirt far better than a car without a ceramic coating or a wax or sealant.

Optimal Automotive car detailing services take the stress out of looking after your car. Instead of washing your car, you can spend your time with your family or pursue hobbies. And by not taking your car to the hand car wash, you will avoid scratches and swirl marks and damage from harsh chemicals.

We can professionally detail your car to an exceptionally high standard for a special event, like a wedding or holiday, or maintain it on a recurrent basis so it looks great all year round.

If you would like to learn more about car detailing, click the button below to visit our website.

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