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Car detailing Haverhill - simple and affordable packages

Car detailing Haverhill

At Optimal Automotive, we have recently redesigned our car detailing services, and are now offering a simpler way to choose the best car detailing in Haverhill for your needs and budget.

With four easy to understand packages for used vehicles, and one perfectly designed package for new vehicles, we've demystified detailing for you! Our packages are showcased side-by-side on our website, making it incredibly easy for you to see the different outcomes we will deliver in each package.

If you're looking for professional car detailing in Haverhill and beyond, get in touch to make an enquiry.

Car detailing Haverhill - used car packages

If you own a car that is more than three months old, we will guide you towards the best used car detailing package for your vehicle. Purpose built to transform your car on every budget, you can restore the beauty to your vehicle and reignite your passion for driving. Each package is more comprehensive that the previous, going further to restore and preserve the original quality of your vehicle.

Our Level 1 Gloss Enhancement detail starts at £249, and is the perfect introduction to high quality professional car detailing. This is typically a one-day service, and your vehicle will be super glossy, water repellent paintwork that will stay looking amazing for around three months. Light scratches will be improved so they are less noticeable. Wheels, tyres, plastic and chrome trims are dressed to leave them looking great. Our basic interior valet means the inside of your car will be freshened up, to enhance the overall handover experience.

Our Level 2 car detailing package starts at £499, and is ideally for rejuvinating your vehicle after a year of everyday motoring. Depending on the hardness of the clearcoat, we can remove up to 65% of ugly swirl marks and scratches, meaning your car will look vastly better in direct sunlight or under artificial light. Less scratches means deeper reflections and more shine, and your paintwork will look closer to original quality. To protect and preserve the improved finish for up-to one year, we apply a single layer ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are a transparent layer that repels dirt and protects against UV rays and contamination like bird poo, tree sap, tar and metal particles. Our Basic Interior Valet is included, to spruce up the cabin.

Our recommended car detailing package is Level 3, which will restore your car to a superb standard that many people would consider showroom quality! Starting at just £799, this package is perfect to wind back the miles you have enjoyed behind the wheel. We machine polish your vehicle twice, meaning it's possible to remove up to 85% of swirl marks and scratches! Our high quality two-layer ceramic coating will protect your paintwork for up to two years. In Level 3, the interior is treated to our Essential Valet, which is a deeper clean and will leave the cabin looking and smelling amazing.

Finally, our Level 4 detail is the pinnacle of our offerings, and leaves no stone un-turned. We will focus on achieving up-to 90% defect removal, by tackling deeper scratches with sanding and multiple stages of polishing. The paintwork gets treated to a three year ceramic coating, exterior plastics are deep-cleaned and restored to their original beauty, exterior glass is polished and coated for clarity and safety, and we even remove the wheels to deep clean the arches. Your alloys are ceramic coated inside and out, keeping them looking cleaner for longer. We also include an engine bay detail in Level 4, de-greasing and treating all surfaces to return the factory fresh finish. Level 4 detailing starts at £1,299.

Car detailing Haverhill - new car protection

When buying a new car, don't be tempted by the convenience of a dealer protection package. Often this is poorly applied by inexperienced valeters, or not even applied at all! Put your trust instead in Optimal Automotive to protect the investment in your brand new car, with our new car protection detail. This package starts at just £699 and is tailored to the interior and exterior of your new car, to improve the factory finish!

Sadly many dealerships don't handle new cars with the care they deserve, so we machine polish your vehicle to remove light dealership marks and protect its paintwork with two layers of high quality ceramic coating that will keep it looking amazing for around two years. We will also treat plastic trims to ensure they maintain their appearance and fade less quickly. Your alloy wheels will also be ceramic coated to fight brake dust and road dirt.

In the interior, we treat leather and fabric to help prevent stains and spills from taking hold. Glass will be cleaned and protected to stay shiny and clear for many miles to come.

Car detailing Haverhill - get in touch

If you're looking for friendly and professional car detailing in Haverhill, ensure you make an enquiry with us at Optimal Automotive. We will amaze you with how we can restore your used car or protect your new car.

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